MT9D111 – 2.0 MP Camera Module


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MT9D111 – 2.0 MP Camera Module:

The MT9D111 – 2.0 MP Camera Module features the MT9D111 color sensor from Micron/Aptina. The sensor has a 1/3.2″ optical format, which combined with the pixel size of 2.8 µm x 2.8 µm, provides the 2.0 MP (1600 x 1200) image. This is a rolling shutter sensor, which captures an entire column (or row) simultaneously, and compiles the image by scanning across (or down).

Lens Mounts:

The bundled camera modules include the LS-2718CS lens (NoIR) w/ metal CS mount (B0009) or the LS-6020 lens (IR or NoIR) w/ metal M12 mount (B0010). They are also available without a lens – just a generic plastic lens mount to protect the sensor during shipping; the lens mount supplied with your lens purchased separately replaces the generic mount. Available separately are higher quality metal M12 or CS lens mount, or a motorized IR cutoff filter mount. For the motorized IR cutoff filter mount, the user must supply the 5-18 V power. Also, see the MT9D111 – 2.0 MP Camera Sensor w/ Autofocus Stock Lens on Adapter Board (B0054) for an autofocus option.

The key benefit of the standard (CS and M12) lens mounts available with this module is the simplicity in swapping the lens – fisheye, wide-angle, telephoto, zoom, IR or NoIR filter – all of which are available from DLSCorp. Click on the Camera Lenses product category for the complete selection of ArduCAM lenses. Be sure to note the compatible lens mount height (7 mm, 10 mm, etc.) for each lens selected if you chose an M12 metal mount option. Each lens purchased separately comes with a compatible height lens mount (plastic for M12, metal for CS). Click on the Camera Lens Mounts product category for information about lens mounts, including compatibility with the various lenses.

Camera Shields:

In the Arduino world, a “shield” is a piggy-back circuit board that provides additional functionality to the development board. In this context, a camera shield provides the required interface from the camera module to your computer. You may choose to create your own custom-built hardware interface via the 20-pin 0.1″ pitch connector. Or, you may purchase one of the available ArduCAM camera shields.

The ArduCAM USB Camera Shields USB2 Rev D (B0095) or USB3 Rev C (B0111) and Parallel Adapter Board (B0126) provide you a USB connection to a Windows, x86 Linux, Nvidia Jetson, or Raspberry Pi computer for these camera modules. You may also use the ArduCAM F Shield Rev V2 (B0051) or ArduCAM LF Shield Rev V2 (B0052) to connect to Arduino system boards. Open-source software and binaries are provided on the ArduCAM GitHub site (see link below) for these shields.

  • Sensor: MT9D111 color (Micron/Aptina)
  • Full Resolution: 2.0 MP (1,600 H x 1,200 V)
  • Optical Format: 1/3.2″
  • Sensor Size: 4.73 mm x 3.52 mm
  • Pixel Size: 2.8 µm x 2.8 µm
  • Max Frame Rate: 15 fps at full resolution; 30 fps in preview mode (800 x 600)
  • Connectors: 22-pin 2.54 mm (0.1″) header
  • Mount Pitch: 20 mm to 22 mm (M12 or CS)
  • Board Size: ~40 mm x ~40 mm

Table 1: 22-pin header interface

1 VCC Power 3.3 v Power Supply
2 GND Ground Power ground
3 SCL Input Two-Wire Serial Interface Clock
4 SDA Input/Output Two-Wire Serial Interface Data I/O
5 VSYNC Input Active High: Frame Valid; indicates active frame
6 HSYNC Input Active High: Line/Data Valid; indicates active pixels
7 PCLK Input Pixel Clock output from sensor
8 XCLK Output Master Clock into sensor
9 DOUT7 Input Pixel Data Output 7
10 DOUT6 Input Pixel Data Output 6
11 DOUT5 Input Pixel Data Output 5
12 DOUT4 Input Pixel Data Output 4
13 DOUT3 Input Pixel Data Output 3
14 DOUT2 Input Pixel Data Output 2
15 DOUT1 Input Pixel Data Output 1
16 DOUT0 Input Pixel Data Output 0 (LSB)
17 NC5 Not Connected N/C
18 NC4 Not Connected N/C
19 RESET Input Sensor Reset Signal; active low
20 PWDN Input Standby Mode Enable Pin; active HIGH
21 NC1 Not Connected N/C
22 NC0 Not Connected N/C
Package Includes:
  • MT9D111 – 2.0 MP Camera Module w/ selected lens / mount (qty 1)
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Weight 0.80 oz
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.625 × 1.625 in
Lens / Mount

Bundled CS Lens, Bundled M12 Lens, Bundled NoIR M12 Lens, M12 Plastic Mount


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