Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses include CS Mount and M12 Mount lens products. Also, see the Specialty Lenses and various 1/x.x” Optical Format products.

For a good introduction to lenses and lens geometry, see the Lenses page on the ArduCAM website. For details of all ArduCAM lenses, along with sample images and sample videos, see the ArduCAM downloads\Lenses archives.

We offer custom camera / lens combinations for lower cost than the individual prices. For example, instead of purchasing an IMX219 color camera (with the LS-40136 lens) for $59.99, and the LS-32220 lens for $13.49, you can purchase the IMX219 color camera with the LS-32220 lens for $65.49 – a savings of nearly $8. Please contact us if you have questions, or are interested in ordering with your custom specs.

Be sure to use the new Field of View Calculator to help select the correct sensor and lens for your application.

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