Arducam Camera Modules and Lenses

We are an authorized dealer for ArduCAM products, and are pleased to offer the full line of Camera Components and Arduino-compatible system components. These products are designed to work with Arduino- and Raspberry Pi-compatible products.

We offer cameras without lens for lower total cost than the standard camera/lens configuration. For example, suppose you are interested in the IMX-219 camera with the LS-32220 lens, rather than the LS-40136 lens. Instead of purchasing an IMX219 color camera (with the LS-40136 lens, part B0103) for $71.99, and an additional LS-32220 lens (part U6030) for $15.99, you can purchase the IMX219 color camera with no lens (part B0103-00) for $66.99 and the LS-32220 lens (part U6030) for $15.99 – a savings of $5. Please contact us if you have questions, or are interested in ordering with your custom specs.

Arduino is a registered trademark of Arduino AG. The Raspberry Pi Word Mark ("Raspberry Pi") is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

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