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ArduCAM USB Camera Shield:

The ArduCAM USB Camera Shield is a universal camera control board designed for both PCs and embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi, TI Beaglebone, and similar products. It supports most parallel interface image sensors ranging from 0.3 MP to 14 MP, including both global and rolling shutter sensors.


The camera is packaged with the software you need to put it to work on Windows and Linux systems. A comprehensive SDK library is provided to support this. This SDK is fully integrated with Python, which allows for direct integration of our cameras with your OpenCV based applications.

The plug and play USB control interface simplifies integrating the camera with a wide range of computer hardware. The ready to use SDK library and demo source code makes the software integration process straightforward and efficient. Users can make it work in minutes without writing a line of code. The broad range of modules ArduCAM supports, combined with support for formats like RAW, RGB, YUV, JPEG assures our users a successful outcome.

USB Interface:

The ArduCAM USB Camera Shield joins our product line of shields that offer SPI/I2C interfaces. The USB camera shield offers significant speed gains over the SPI camera shield, running at as high a frame rate as the USB 2.0 480 Mbps bandwidth allows, which can deliver 640 x 480 (VGA) at 60 FPS, through 4384 x 3228 (14 MP) at 2 FPS. By using a global shutter camera headboard such as the MT9V034/AR0134 together with USB camera shield, the user can achieve industrial level machine vision with our camera on a Raspberry Pi without effort.

The USB Camera Shield is straightforward enough that it can be easily used with PCs and single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone. In short, the ArduCAM brings a plug and play solution to digital cameras at the hardware level.

Please note that the USB Shield only supports the following camera modules by ArduCAM!

Table 1: Supported Camera Modules

Resolution Sensor Vendor Camera Module Manufacturer
0.3MP Omnivision OV7660 / OV7670 OV7675 OV7725 ArduCAM
0.3MP Aptina MT9V111 MT9V034 ArduCAM
1.3MP Aptina MT9M112 / MT9M001 AR0134 ArduCAM
2MP Omnivision OV2640 ArduCAM
2MP Aptina MT9D111 / MT9D112 ArduCAM
3MP Omnivision OV3640 ArduCAM
3MP Aptina MT9T112 ArduCAM
5MP Omnivision OV5640 / OV5642 ArduCAM
9MP Aptina MT9N001 ArduCAM
10MP Aptina MT9J001 / MT9J003 ArduCAM
14MP Aptina MT9F001 / MT9F002 ArduCAM

Signal Definitions:

Package Includes:
  • ArduCAM USB Camera Shield (qty 1)
  • 18″ USB Micro-B to USB A cable (qty 1)
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