Field of View Calculator

This spreadsheet will provide the Field of View (FOV) angles (in degrees) and lengths for a selected lens and sensor – focused at infinity. The units of length are not fixed – use whatever units you are accustomed to. For example, if the distance to the subject is 5.0 cm, the width and height values might be 11.48 and 8.63, both are also in cm. Likewise, if the distance is 5.0 miles, the width and height of the subject are 11.48 and 8.63 miles.

Select a lens from the Lens drop-down menu, and a sensor from the Sensor drop-down menu, and the appropriate data will be displayed. You may select “Custom” from either the Lens or the Sensor drop-down menu, and populate the field in the appropriate table (scroll right to see the Lens table and the Sensor table; the Custom field is at the top of each table). You may also enter a value for the distance to the subject in one of the custom distance fields at the bottom of the table – again, use whatever units you are accustomed to.

Notes: This calculator does not compensate for differences between lens format and sensor format; e.g. 1/3.2 lens and 1/4.0 sensor. Ideally, both lens and sensor formats should be the same. Also, as mentioned above, the Field of View is based on the lens focused at infinity – if you have it focused at 5 cm, the FOV is likely different from the computed values.

Note: Items in the Lens and Sensors tables that are red have been discontinued, but are provided for completeness.