IMX477 – 12.3 MP HQ Camera Module


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IMX477 – 12.3 MP HQ Camera Module:

IMX477 – 12.3 MP HQ Camera Module is based on the IMX477 color sensor from Sony. This is the sensor used on the new Raspberry Pi Hi Quality Camera, and this module is fully compatible with that sensor. The sensor has a 1/2.3″ optical format; the pixel size of 1.55 µm x 1.55 µm results in the 12.3 MP (4056 x 3040) image. This is a rolling shutter sensor, which captures an entire column (or row) simultaneously; the sensor compiles the image by scanning across (or down).

ArduCAM released this camera module in three form factors. The first (large) has 38 mm x 38 mm PCB compatible with three hole pitches (29 mm, 30 mm, and 34 mm), and you can download files to 3D print your case as you like. The second (small) is the 25 mm x 24 mm PCB compatible with the original v1/v2 RPi camera (B0262 and B0251). This camera module is also available as a complete bundle in a metal enclosure as the third form factor.

The large camera module provides a 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 interface for a direct connection to the Raspberry Pi camera connector; the small camera module provides a 2-lane CSI-2 interface. For PC/laptop (USB) connection, you need a camera shield and possibly a MIPI adapter board: USB2 camera shield (Rev E); or USB3 camera shield (Rev C) and MIPI adapter board. ArduCAM supplies a wide variety of camera modules, all are compatible with the USB Camera Shield, and all are available from DLSCorp.

The Jetson Nano/Xavier NX version of the camera relies on kernel drivers to work – one kernel version, one camera driver.
  • Versions earlier than JetPack 4.3 (L4T 32.3.1) are not supported.
  • Up or downgrading your OS leads to a kernel bump, and you’ll need to re-install a matching driver.
  • Future JetPack/kernel updates require future drivers. When that happens, please allow us some time to process. And if you don’t see it released in time, kindly remind us.
Lens Mounts:

The first form factor is available with the M2006ZM06 lens w/ CS metal mount for the Raspberry Pi 2B/3A+/3B+/4B/Zero (B0240) and Jetson Nano/Xavier and RPi Compute Module 3/3+/4 (B0249). It is also available with the same lens on a motorized IR filter mount for the RPi (B0270) and Jetson (B0274). The first form factor is also available with the M23390H08 lens set on a motorized M12 focus mount for the RPi (B0272) and Jetson (B0273). Finally, the first form factor is available without a lens, but just the CS mount for the Jetson/RPi Compute Modules (B0279). The second form factor is available with the M23390H08 lens w/ 13 mm plastic M12 mount for the RPi (B0262), Jetson/RPi CM (B0251), and RPi CM only (B0271). The third form factor is available for the RPi/CMs and Jetson Nano/Xavier NX.

IR Filter:

For the first time, the ArduCam CS mounts have an IR filter built-in, so the images taken with NoIR CS lenses fitted on these mounts have realistic color. It’s a simple matter to replace the CS mount to have NoIR filter (or motorized IR Cut filter). Likewise, the M12 lenses are generally available with both IR and NoIR options (and the motorized IR Cut filter). Typically, the IR M12 lenses have the glass filter glued to the base of the lens, and can be removed (permanently, without recourse, at your own risk) by carefully breaking it and removing the debris. The motorized M12 focus lens is a bit different – it has two short leads soldered to the PCB, making the removal of the mount non-trivial. For the brave of heart (or deep of pocket), it may be possible (at your own risk) to desolder the mount, remove it, and attend to the filter as described above.

  • IMX-477 12.3 MP sensor
  • 1/2.3” optical format (sensor size)
  • 4056 x 3040 pixels
 Package includes:
  • IMX477 – 12.3 MP Camera Module (qty 1)
  • Other parts vary with camera selected
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Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Host System

Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, Compute Module

Lens / Mount

Bundled CS Lens, Bundled M12 Lens, Bundled M12 Lens – Motorized Focus, CS Motorized IR Cut Filter – 12.25 mm, CS Metal Mount – 12.25 mm, M12 Plastic Mount


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