Stereo Camera Adapter Board


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Stereo Camera Adapter Board:

The Stereo Camera Adapter Board is a shield designed for connecting two (identical) cameras to a single 20-pin camera port on a USB shield.

  • Accommodates 2 (identical) parallel camera modules on a single multi-camera adapter board

Table 1 Featured Parallel Camera Modules Supported

Resolution Frame Rate Camera Module Sensor Vendor
0.3MP 60fps MT9V022/MT9V034 Aptina
1.3MP 50fps AR0134/AR0135 Aptina
9MP 7fps MT9N001 Aptina
10MP 6fps MT9J001/MT9J003 Aptina
14MP 5fps MT9F001/MT9F002 Aptina
Package Includes:
  • Stereo Camera Adapter Board (qty 1)
  • Note: The cameras are not provided with this board.

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