ESP8266 Nano V2 WiFi Eval Kit w/ 2.0 MP Camera Module



ESP8266 Nano V2 WiFi Eval Kit w/ 2.0 MP Camera Module:

The ESP8266 Nano V2 WiFi Eval Kit w/ 2.0 MP Camera Module (B0085) mates a modified 2.0 MP Mini Module Camera with a ESP8266 Nano V2 WiFi system board specifically designed to work with this camera. The ArduCAM 2.0 MP Camera Module is based on the OV2640 color sensor from OmniVision. The system board is Arduino-compatible because it has the same form factor and pin-out as the original design.

As mentioned, the provided camera module is a special version of the 2.0 MP Mini Module camera – rather than the pins extending out parallel from the edge of the camera PCB, they are perpendicular, extending down from the back of the board. This keeps the camera board parallel to the system board. Finally, with the built-in WiFi, it provides an ideal solution for home security and IoT camera applications.

  • 2.0 MP image sensor OV2640, with support for JPEG
  • 2.2 µm x 2.2 µm pixel size, 3.590 mm x 2.684 mm sensor size
  • Selected lens / mount options (Note: the 8.5 mm motorized M12 mount will not fit this board)
  • ESP8266 Nano V2 Board has a small form factor, and is compatible with the Arduino IDE
  • I2C interface for the sensor configuration; SPI interface for camera commands and data stream
  • On-board Lithium battery charger circuit – 3.7 v / 500 mA max
  • SD/TF card socket
  • Micro USB-to-Serial adapter (CH340G)
  • 15 g / 36 mm x 34 mm x 24 mm (approx.)
Package includes:
  • ArduCAM Mini Camera Shield with OV2640 2 Megapixels Sensor and selected lens / mount (qty 1)
  • ArduCAM ESP8266 Nano V2 Board (qty 1)
  • Battery power cable (qty 1)
  • Note: The Lithium battery and SD card are not included in this package.
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Weight 0.60 oz
Dimensions 1.625 × 1.625 × 1.625 in
Lens / Mount

Bundled M12 Lens, Bundled NoIR M12 Lens, M12 Plastic Mount


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