ArduCam Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit



ArduCam Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit:

ArduCam has released a stereo camera HAT for Raspberry Pi and Nvidia Jetson Nano which allows you to connect two 5 MP OV5647 (B0xxx|05MP) or two 8 MP IMX219 (B0xxx|08MP) RPi compatible cameras to a single standard RPi (B0195|0xMP) or Nano (B0217|0xMP) board. The camera takes images or video at the same time; even more important, they are fully synchronized. The highlight of this ArduCam Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit is that it incorporates ArduCam proprietary ArduChip solution, and extends the usage of the single RPi or Nano camera port, it tricks the system board as if only one camera connected. It supports raspistill command for preview and raspivid command for video capture/processing with the RPi default camera driver for its 5 MP and 8 MP cameras.

It also supports other ArduCam Raspberry Pi cameras and proprietary camera driver that works up to two 16 MP. With the shared oscillator and I2C broadcasting, the two cameras are fully synchronized in the nano-second level. With the latest new coming Pi 4 hardware, ArduCam makes more camera applications possible for Raspberry Pi.

  • Support all series Raspberry Pi boards, Pi HAT board style
  • Supports Nvidia Jetson Nano boards
  • Two MIPI camera inputs and one MIPI camera output
  • 1, 2 and 4 lane MIPI cameras input up-to 800 Mbps/lane support
  • 2 lane MIPI output support
  • Supports raspistill (preview) and raspivid (processing) commands for 5 MP/8 MP RPi compatible cameras with half resolution combine
  • ArduCam RPi cameras up to 16 MP with proprietary camera driver with full resolution combine
  • Camera side-by-side combine, channel 0 and channel 1 software switching on the fly
  • Digital pan in half resolution combine, programmable pan speed control support
  • HAT size: 65 x 56 mm
  • Contact us for other platform support
Package Includes:
  • ArduCam Synchronized Stereo Camera HAT for Raspberry Pi or Jetson Nano (qty 1)
  • 5 MP or 8 MP ArduCam Stereo Camera Board (qty 1)
  • ArduCam 80 mm 22 pin Ribbon FFC (flexible flat cable) (qty 3)
  • ArduCam 73 mm 15 pin to 22 pin Ribbon FFC (qty 1)
  • ArduCam Nvidia Jetson Nano adapter board
  • M2.5 x 11 mm Nylon Hex Standoffs (qty 4)
  • M2.5 Nylon Nuts (qty 4)
  • M2.5 x 6 mm Nylon Screws (qty 3)
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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Host System

Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano

Raspberry Pi Camera

No Camera, OV5647 – 5.0 MP, IMX219 – 8.0 MP


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