Our Approach

Our organization develops quality, custom, niche products at a fair price.

Our Story

The organization was founded in early-2006 as a software consulting firm. Daedalus Logic Systems Corporation (DLSCorp) is named for the designer of the Labyrinth. Daedalus has become synonymous with quality. Brook, our president, has over 40 years experience developing customer requirements, crafting software in nearly a dozen languages, and testing to ensure a quality final product; altogether, the VP team has an additional 17 years herding kittens and managing Brook's every move.

Meet the Team


Brook Beall

SW Developer

We've got nothing interesting on this guy, but he seems to think he does all of the "real" work around here.

Java cropped_1

Java Bean

Vice President
Software Widgets

Rescued Brook on the hot afternoon of July 7, 2006 at 48th Street and Lewis in Phoenix. Java has made sure Brook is up and working at 0500 seven days a week for more than 11 years. Her alarm clock is triggered by her addiction to biscuits and whipped cream from Black Rock Coffee Bar.

Ada cropped_2_1

Ada Lovelace

Vice President
OO Languages

Feigned complete disinterest in being a team member when she was dragged into the operation in mid-2011, but has proved to be a formidable member of the security team. Insists on swimming in her custom-built 25,000 gallon water bowl.